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I know when I have friends that are sick, I frequently say, hey, what can I cook you? And I ask for their favorite dish and hopefully that comes up. Maybe if they're not hungry or they're not well on their tummy, I sort of send them a Spotify playlist, things they can listen to. Or sometimes I just send them some notes or send them some flowers. Anyway, thoughts that you have would be great to hear. Thank you so much

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Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 2:08
One of the things I love the most about when I'm sick, and nobody really loves to be sick, right? But the thing that makes me love is my family, my children, especially when I'm sick, the thing that makes me feel the best is laughter. And my children definitely make me laugh. My brother makes me laugh. My mother makes me laugh. So laughter is good for the soul. I mean, it really, really is
Kim Soliz
@apianogirl · 4:58


Battling illnesses, whether you have the flu or cold, or you're going through something more serious as cancer, a chronic illness, physical disability, you know, it affects your mental health. And there are some things that are comforting when it's. I'm going to say simple. I know having the flu is hard, but as a chronically ill patient, the flu is nothing compared to what a chronically ill patient would go through
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@hope · 1:26

@apianogirl @LadyFi

Yeah. Both of you have such great, calm, resonant ideas that I know people can relate to and they're not difficult. That sense of connection to things that are beautiful and bigger than us and that commitment to finding laughter and really being easy on ourselves. When we have this idea that the world's passing by and it's not, it's the world we create that we nurture and bring into our fold and make sure we take care of ourselves with these great ideas you guys have
Kim Soliz
@apianogirl · 4:04


I had to, back in the day, teaching and having a major migraine and hoping that whatever rescue medium at that time are non rescue meds and just lots of caffeine and tylenol, extra strength, hoping it would get me through my day. It's just, you know, sometimes you just have to have a little willpower over things like that. Being chronically ill, a lot of people have told me, wow, if that happened to me, then it would be
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Hey Kim, thank you for your reply and going a little deeper into this experience. There's a nuance there and I really appreciate it. And I just want to add a note about mris being rhythmic. I experienced that as well. It's really quite interesting that you have comfort there and it's not something that stresses you out. That's wonderful. Thanks so much for your reply