I hope this short article inspires you to maybe drop in a little bit and talk about it here and also maybe make some changes where you work. Thanks so much


Ty Dobbs
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I think a lot of things that I struggled with when I was in a quote unquote conventional work environment came down to communication. You're in a job place with maybe a dozen or more individuals who are all carrying their own baggage, who are all struggling in their own way, whether it's family, whether it's financial, whether it's who knows what
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Hey, Ty, thanks for chiming in here. I wanted to mention, in response to what you said about there is a huge difference between people working alone and people working together. And the consistency is really interesting when you think about day in and day out seeing the same people, and it becomes sort of like a family, but then inside that becomes sort of triggers because people start, some things deteriorate because they start treating people with less patience and respect
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Leanne Pritchett
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And I'm paraphrasing and go on. So that's what I'm doing. But thank you for this. It's definitely very timely and definitely something for us all to think about because it is a challenge to work somewhere where the environment is toxic and it really weighs on you. So thanks again for a wonderful topic, and I really appreciate you. Bye

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Hey, Deb, I agree that what you're talking about overall has a very good and impactful message. However, on the flip side of it, which thankfully doesn't happen very often, I actually encountered something in that type of a situation where I was trying very hard, maybe too hard, to get along with my boss, my supervisor, and she did not want it
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Hey MJ, I wanted to acknowledge your story and thank you for it and just send you comfort and strength for this chapter of your life. And it sounds very correlated to what happened at work. And your perspective and your experience is so on some levels, very disheartening. But your perspective also is very important to share and give context for a lot of the complexities we're talking about here. Thank you so much and just sending you a lot of comfort and love. Bye

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Absolutely devastating. But because of that experience, that's when I started learning about hypnotherapy. And it was actually for myself. It was actually to figure out what was going on in my own head and learning different processes and learning, like, somatic practices and trauma problems and EMDR and just all sorts of mental evaluating and being able to fish things out and figure things out and move on once I have a better understanding of things