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But it's very interesting to experience the mental wellness aspect of being sick because it takes a lot of imagination and patience and self care and kindness to yourself. When you are not well to push through an illness too soon or too much, you run the risk of not getting well at all. In my situation, I just have a very bad head cold. My ears are blocked and they haven't been unblocked for about ten days now. No, seven days. And my throat hurts

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And I love the fact that we have choices, but sometimes people live in a food desert and they don't have choices. So I'm not going to preach on here and say, oh, you got to go eat salads and stuff all the time. No, I'm going to say, eat what you can afford. To eat, but in what you can afford to eat

On the road to better health—ALWAYS! So, be selective of what you allow entering your brain and body!

But what scares me the most about all of that wrapped up together is that now I'm living alone, my kids are moved out, my daughter's in the military, so she can't even come if she needs me. My son, you know, doesn't correspond with me at all. So it's just me and my two animals
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Hey, I'm Jan Evelyn. Thank you both for sharing your experiences and your stories about this. It is a yang and a yang. I do believe that. And feeling empowered, no matter what state you're in, is critical. And love is critical. Yeah. These are all really good pointers. Today, I'm going to post a tell your story segment so we can get some more of these stories in specific to maybe tips and tricks
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And I stayed home that week from the office. We were on a hybrid schedule, but I didn't call out sick. And I regret that because I think I probably would have gotten better if I had just signed off for a couple of days and said, hey, I've got COVID. I'm feeling okay, but not feeling great. I need a couple of days just to shut down. And I regret doing that. I regret not doing that
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Like, practically overnight, you gone from this to something you never thought would happen. And you're having to deal with new health issues or disorders that you can't get. Get rid of. They'll be with you forever. Like in my case, I learned in December that when I had the tumor removed in my brain on the right side, they thought that my left side vestibular nerve would take over

While not a medical professional, like you, I commit myself to research.

But the article that I posted and, you know, I'm showing you, granted, I have never had a tumor in my brain, and I've never had parents that were older that needed me to take care of them. And I think that as far as the wheelchair goes, I don't think anyone could have planned for that and really known what it was about. Until they're right, they're having to deal with it. Right
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And so it's really cool to have a community where we could share like that. Your reply was very, very inspiring to me. I have done several tries at vestibular therapy, balance therapy. It's to the point where they say that there's no more that I can learn from it other than, like you said, to do it. And every day, I challenge myself to something. I have to go upstairs to do my laundry, because our laundry room is on the second floor