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Welcome to where the light gets in. This week we've been talking about psychological flexibility. Really interesting. I didn't know a lot about this particular topic until I started doing research, and today I want to share with you an article that I chose. There's a lot of articles about this that are a little academic, but this one's really great and it gives examples of what it really is. Because some people confuse psychological flexibility with resilience

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Richard Taliaferro
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You. Hi there. I am skimming this article right now, and it's fantastic. I think that I probably have often conflated resilience and psychological flexibility, and I want to, I'm really glad that he put this article up so I can sort to refine my definitions of those two, because you're right, they're not the same thing. And I recommend everybody read this article. Give yourself five or ten minutes and just read it. Take some notes from it
Archana Bapat
@Jindagi_Rojana · 1:12

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Hi, thank you very much for sharing this academically oriented article and your thoughts on it. It was a beautiful read. I really like that. And psychological flexibility is not a very common term. And as you said, it's very on first stance, it's ah, taken as good as resilience. But the article and you explained very well that how it is different from resilience
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Eric Owens
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But I was also keeping myself removed from the center of the problem that I was hearing and using good judgment and common sense and drawing from my own personal life experience in order to respond to that person's conversation. So I've done that many times. I just didn't know there was a term for it. I thought that was really interesting
Becky Butler
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We are vulnerable and weak. So the message goes, avoid having a need. Avoid having a need. When we don't feel valued or esteemed, we can give pieces of ourselves away. To partake in anything that resembles acceptance. This is a concession to the fatigue of the journey. So we stop here in our lagging mental and emotional health, pushing beyond self applied and misnomer labels to help another in their own varying yet comparable state of need brings us full circle. Do we reach out?
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In dodgy and Eric. I wanted to both reflect that I also didn't know the term, and when I discovered it, it really liberated me, because I think sometimes when you find language that really helps frame something in a new way, there's relief and there's also opportunity to pay attention to it more
Mental Wellness Stories
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And Becky, I wanted to thank you for reading that beautiful passage. I don't know where it's from, but it's wonderful. And it really begs the question about our community and the ability to, or the community that we define as community and how we hold each other accountable and hold each other in support. And it's all part of the process of being internal but also externalizing it so we can be in community about it and find hope and relief with each other's friendships
Becky Butler
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Hi, Deborah. Becky here from visions, expression. And I was listening to the piece on psychological flexibility and what I replied to you and what you thus edified in me, the quote that I had used, you had used in a previous swell, verbally. And that's why I shared it, because it was so moving
Speaking Buddha
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You. That's a wonderful article and thanks for sharing. I have gone through it and find out very interesting fact. Everybody is not well aware about the theories and the concepts if you see academically. But when we see from the context of experience, I think this is what we practice in our daily life. Those really who want to work with themselves or on the path of exploration or growth or development