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The things you like might not be readily available for you. The statistics are really jarring when I read them. First of all, we know that people who are disconnected, who have a tendency to isolate, can have physical ailments associated with that. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes. You can have depression, anxiety. You can turn towards addiction, even suicidal ideation, an early death. These are all really hard things to even find words for in my mouth

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What's that called? Seasonal attention deficit disorder. I don't know if I'm saying that right. But anyway, it's sad. We've been, like, cold in the mountains of Virginia. It was 35 today, and I swear it felt like springtime because we were below zero for a while, especially with the wind chill factor. But I'm kind of rambling. I'm not really summing up
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Susie. It's so interesting to think about the need to be alone for creative processes. And then those moments when it's not about that. It's about the disconnection, I guess, from the people we love and that feeling, those yearnings, getting used to it. I think this week we're really digging into, um, the pernicious effects of not taking care of yourself and isolating in response to something else
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But if it is put upon you because you happen to live in a very isolated town or it's really hard to make friends and you're actively trying to do it and it's just not happening and you're not landing right with the people that you want to connect with, that's where I think it becomes to the point where then there's going to be a feeling of despair and mental health issues that you mentioned before that will start to arise because of it, because this is a situation now happening and you didn't want it to happen, versus for those who are like, no, no, I'm okay, thank you and goodbye