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And then also sometimes many of us kind of figure out a way to avoid intimacy for a really long time for really good reasons. So this week we're going to talk about people's journeys towards love and intimacy and some of the roadblocks we come up against when we haven't found our way towards our heart and allowing other people to come towards us. Which brings me to this quote this year

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Romantic friendships take some of the elements of a traditional romantic relationship, the desire for intimacy, the commitment to build one's life around another person, and even sex, without having to take on all of them all at once. So I refer back to this article every so often. I think it's a great discussion point for what do we want our intimate relationships or intimate friendships to look like? So please, if you get a chance, read the article
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And it makes me feel like we are in an era because there are so many things that feel broken about the family unit and how things have just shifted and changed so much that it's so nice to say, well, what is a family unit anyway?
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And the reality is so few get that. Because when you are with a partner, at least in India at least this is my thought process, that over the years, when you have a partner, it's someone that you want to grow old with, someone who's there to keep an eye out for you, to look for you, to care for you, to be there for you when you can't take care of yourself. That's another form of intimacy
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@pocketofstories -Intimacy with oneself is the foundation of true self-love and personal growth.

To be intimate with oneself is the start of being intimate with others or successful intimacy with others. Thank you so much for bringing this part of it in. Intimacy is a personal responsibility. How about that? I enjoy this train of thought here. You know, when I look at. When I get into my intimate self, which I hadn't been for most of my life, I find that my intimacy and these rewards that you speak of with others multiply there
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It's a self discovery, self growth phase, and it's a path not everyone is very brave to risk this through because you may not like what you all find. You know, we live in this bubble of illusion, an image of who we are. And when you embark on this voyage of self intimacy, knowing yourself, you may come across certain parts of you that you don't like. But, hey, you know what?
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@pocketofstories Embracing Healing the power of self intimacy for survivors of Sexual abuse.

However, I've lived a life of judgment and judge. Self judgment. And that has been tremendously painful and hurtful and just holds you back. Self compassion, that's a big one. So the three selves that I think I see here, well, there's probably more that we can think about. Self compassion. As a survivor, I've carried shame and guilt. I blame myself my whole life. Made it very difficult for me to be intimate on many levels
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Hi, Deb. How are you? And that's quite interesting to know that love is born out of friendship. And it is quite a journey when love is born out of friendship. Because in that journey, it becomes so much fun and magical that from that friendship, it turns into a relationship. And once that journey of relationship starts to flow, it suddenly becomes a connection
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But my husband's been a rock through this whole time. And when we found out he was pre diabetic, I told him I need him for the next 30, 40 years, not just to take care of my disabilities, but to be there for me and my heart and, yeah, thanks
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And although there's definitely different iterations of love, I think the principles are unanimous, and I think this quote speaks to a lot of those principles. So thank you so much for sharing
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When we moved to Florida and we left our family, the only family I knew, I had to separate from them and have hope that I would find new friends and that my small family would be enough, but it wasn't. I went through years and years of bullying and still looking for that close friend and a male lover or female, because then I started having some female attractions too, not as strong. So that really threw me for a loop
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But that's what I've been experiencing, and it's been very difficult. But I think relationships can be beautiful. And I'm grateful for my family, and I'm grateful for the few friends that I consider really true friends. And I can count that on just a few fingers. Homo sanity out

Intimacy requires the ability to look in one's own mirror and see things for what they are. #intimacy #vulnerability #connection #honesty #selflove

The same thing goes when it comes in terms of relationships or when you're dating you're not going to find that connection with everyone. You're going to find that with certain someone. But you have to make sure you do not lose that connection, that intimacy with yourself. So your self love is very important in this journey. Thank you. Bye
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And that's something that a couple who's newly married has to think about because it's already talked about. Really? How often is intimacy and love and sex talked about in a marriage after 30 years of being together? The only way a person can be in a relationship for as long as I have has to really be with or want to be with that person. And as time goes, you still want to be that person, still want to be with that person
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Well, I've always known that I am not there with the intimacy. And therefore I went on embark on this journey of self discovery and self love. And I think we all do that. So this conscious choice has changed the thought of intimacy for me from, you know, dropping your clothes and hurrying up to conversation, to an exploration of self, to vulnerability of self, to that confidence within that allows us to be vulnerable with someone else
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