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Don’t Let The Doctorate Hit You in the A$$ on the Way Out.

I think it's kind of ridiculously pitiful, actually, to me, especially if you're not like a physician. You almost make the work that you did in your doctorate seem self serving and pitiful, because it's like you're clamoring for this title to be given to you by somebody else in a kind of pouty temper tantrum kind of way, rather than being an adult about it. What's your thoughts on that homo sanity out

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@homosanity I’ve got a PHD! 😂😅😉

A degree really ain't doing shit, in my opinion, for nobody. But putting people in debt and the american education system, people like in Europe, in Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, all those people, they got, like, ten degrees, eight degrees, because their countries, it don't cost that much to get a fucking degree over here in America, you want to go to juilliard undergrad, it's like a million dollars
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Again, I applaud those who have a great education and who've worked very hard because I know what it's like to work hard, especially when I went back to school at 40 to obtain my bachelor's and master's degrees. So I know exactly what it feels like, but I don't throw it in people's faces. And once people find out what I have, they go, wow, you've accomplished a lot
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The hard thing for me always is in everything I try entrepreneur wise, the marketing end is so difficult to get going, and I'm not sure what it is for me that just doesn't pan out. But I'm going to keep trying. Thank you for your response. Homo sanity out
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And people are so focused on letter and literal rather than the spiritual. It's quite the shame, but some of us get it some of us are sane, and that's what my podcasts are about and the Homo sanity show is about here on swell. And I also do podcasts on Podbean and Spotify since you're new. I do transformation by music, where I share interviews with people who share their favorite music and song
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But I'm glad that today society has been more open to the gay community, because we're all human beings when all is said and done, and who we choose to love is our business, but we shouldn't be judged by it. This is one thing I have regarding those who call themselves christians or walk in a spiritual path. We do not have the right to judge anyone. That's up to God, in my opinion