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The Rise of the Nones

It's a sad reality, but it doesn't surprise me all that much. The church hasn't changed. And you've heard me say this. If you've listened to me 100 times, you're probably sick of me saying it. But church hasn't changed since what, the walk in any church, most churches today, the buildings look the same, everything's operating the same. They don't want to change. They don't want to adapt to the culture

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And I think it could be done more authentically and more intimately, to be more powerful and less performative, which I think is what we have right now. I'm not saying in every church, and I'm not saying that every part of church as it is right now is bad. I go to a small church right now. God uses it for me and with me for the parts that I feel he can. But the structure is old, the foundations are old, the format is old
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However, sometimes how he approaches it and sometimes the things that he says to help us better understand the word of God and how to apply it to our everyday lives could be considered, quote unquote, modern. And to be perfectly honest with you, that's the only thing I think that you need to do. When Jesus was talking to people and he witnessed to people and he was talking to different people, when he was doing that, he gave them parables
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And I don't want to get into that debate because there's so many denominations out there, we could pick any, and everybody has their own beliefs. But my point is that I don't think this is even just a phase. We have never in this country, not been a largely dominated christian country. We were founded like that, and now we are no longer that. That has not been a cycle that has went up and down
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But it's very hard for me and has been very hard for me to find an accepting church home, and I have one now, but it's a struggling church, presbyterian church, hanging on, barely, because it's got an older congregation and nobody new is coming in. And people have their clicks and they have their way of doing things and they don't want to change it because it's the same way it's been done ever since they were in there. You know what?
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My opinion, the SayCo Show

Whatever label you want to give yourself. I'm a queer Christian. Well, great. But it really comes down to being like Jesus. And that's how we live. Are we a small church? Yes. Do we own our own building? No, we rent. But 14 years. Very, very close saints. And we're blessed. We're all prospering, we're all doing great. Many healings, lots of miracles