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Look Closer: The People Who Hurt and Left You, Used You Most Likely

It's actually a lot more clearer because after these things happen over and over, you get a bigger picture, a more clearer picture, I guess I should say correctly, and that is that a lot of relationships, when they end and the person doesn't want to work it out with you

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Case 1: The Collosal Choral Mishap

You're out at the gay bars together, you're sleeping with this guy now, and this is our mutual friend. All I said to him was, I was happy for you, and he just came up and congratulated you. I'm sorry. Can you not forgive me for that? Nope. I never trust you again. So it could not be worked out. Now. My thing is, and I was. I felt terrible for a long time
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Case #2: The Celebrity Impersonator

So I didn't always feel like I fit in. But anyhow, this went on for a couple years, and I met some really entertaining, funny people, and I really enjoyed him. Then I started hearing different things. Like, one time, I overheard him tell people in a room that he only had me there because I took pictures of his parties and put him on the Internet. You know, little things like that off to the side
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And maybe you can see some situations in your life right now where, um, somebody has given you a reason as to why they have separated from you. And it just doesn't feel like it was, um, really all that major to you, but it felt they acted like it was major. Just think about what they may have used you for and what they needed when the relationship began. And did they have what they needed by the time the relationship ended?

@homosanity The Colossal Choral Mishap

There's nothing for you to feel guilty about because he outed everything about it before you said anything anyway. I think he just was looking and waiting for an excuse to cut things off. Maybe he was not a faithful type of person. Maybe he was a player, and he was upset that you gave away his promiscuous type behavior to someone that he felt was a future potential. I don't know. I don't know the way that world works. I don't understand it

@homosanity The Celebrity Impersonator

So what I would say in this particular instance, with the mindset that everything that you have said is exactly true, and it's how he would perceive it as, well, that that's exactly what he would say happened, too. I would say that when you spoke with him and told him that, you know, he had this other friend that you didn't get along with, you pretty much put it out there. You pretty much said, listen, this is my interpretation

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Homo sanity. MJ here. I have good news. First of all, what you're experiencing is a sense of rejection, but that's being misread. It isn't you that they're rejecting. It's the situation that's being rejected. And the reason for the situation being rejected comes down to something very simple, growth. And don't mistake in that. It's not necessarily that they've grown and you haven't
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When he didn't have anything, he needed you. But then he turned his back on you the moment that you said something that he thought you shouldn't have said. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You put it all out there. Boy, please. Okay? Because if you put your business out there, not only am I going to say something, if you're my friend and congratulate you, but the world is going to say something
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So it was like, oh, okay, well, now you're together and you're doing stuff and together on social media. You're out and about out of town. You're telling me you're sleeping together. So I just think it's out in common knowledge. So that's what happened there. But, yes, you're right. You don't have things on both sides. But I appreciate your input either way on that
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I hate to say this, it sounds me, but my only little bit of just kind of like, you know, kind of like, huh? Is that this person is on TikTok, and they now. They used to look so attractive, and they now look, you know, like you might say, you know, this person's a guy, like, hey, man, you look really swole


That's what I'd rather be than either one of those two things. So whatever else happened after, you are not a discarded Cheerio. So count your lucky stars that you're not in that relationship. Because you can tell by looking at the way you feel now and the things that happened that went up to that place, to that place in your life that
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My mantra now is going to be, I am not a discarded Cheerio. I am not a discarded Cheerio. I am not a discarded Cheerio. You are just a wonderful, fantastic person. That again. I'm just so grateful you joined my swelling. I just love this stuff. I just teared up. I just. I can't thank you enough. And I really want to know your story. If you don't want to share it on here