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What Books Would You Add To Bible Or Use For A Sacred Canon?

I think we are as a people, and I've said this a hundred times, we are so worsh. We so worship an americanized version of the Bible. People worship that more than they really worship the true God in this country, I believe. But here's my thing. There are many spiritually enlightened people that have written wonderful texts out there that I honestly think could be added as canons in the Bible, possibly, or chapters. Some of the chapters of their books could be

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I think that if everyone purely does honestly their best, I feel like that should be good enough. Because doing unto others as you'd have done unto you, that covers all ten of the commandments. And. And I think that if I were to believe in a God, that. That God would follow that same principle, too. So that's just me. Like I said, I'm a spiritual person, not religious. But I appreciate you inviting me. Thank you so much. Bye
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Thanks for replying. Yeah. So with that, are there, you know, any books that you would consider transformative or sacred that you, that you have found? And I agree with you, and I'll let you said, you know, the big, big one for me is along the same lines, but love your neighbors, you would love yourself, that kind of thing
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I like to take responsibility for my own thoughts and not do something and say, oh, well, I did it because, you know, so and so told me to do it. I grew up extremely religious, and I'm not even going to say what sector, but I grew up extremely religious and had a lot of, you need to do this. You can't do that