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Are you "Out" on your job?

This was long before Ellen DeGeneres got tied with Target, and Target kind of changed its stripes. But even though Target itself changed its stripes, doesn't mean individual store managers line up with that. But anyhow, there was this guy that I worked with and he would always make homosexual kind of taunts towards me. And I was attracted to him, and I was never sure what was going on. So eventually I just took him to the side and finally just kind of told him

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It's the craziest thing. I've had somebody tell me right on the floor that they can't reach their vagina and their husband has to shave their vagina for them. Oh my gosh. How do you think that made me feel? But I could say something little. Oh, Lord, why would you say such a thing? That's so unprofessional. So just some things you just should keep to yourself. Your personal life is your personal life
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Hi. Oh, my gosh. You just make me laugh so much. Oh, dear. I gotta get myself together. Okay. So what they said on the floor of your place of work, that is just beyond. Beyond. But I've also heard some crazy things because I used to work at some manufacturing shops. Yeah, I hear what you're saying, but you have to understand that I've gotten fired for being gay
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I guess the bylaws wouldn't change if you were teaching virtually or on site. But I do give a fuck. I give a fuck too much. And I actually got that I'm fresh out of fucks from Coley minicast, the life size version. And she is a content connoisseur. When you scroll through her post, you just want to just take every topic that she comes up with and just roll with it. Just take her topic and start talking about it