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A Message to Women

I want to send a message to you women out there, because I feel like, you know, there's been very many changes in the world since I came up from being born in the 1970s. And one of the things that was even starting to go on when I was born, but it's gotten a lot worse, and there's been books written on it, too, is men checking out

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Oh, my God. Homo sanity. You get it? Yes. Yes. Thank you. From a Mississippi, mom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you
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Haha for real tho

And another thing, really, I really want to talk to you about this. A lot of women that marry people don't know much about the person they married. Did you know that? I don't know if you know that this or not, but I mean, say, for my instance, I mean, my husband's always been over our finances
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And a lot of guys feel like they don't want to talk about stuff because they do feel like they're feminine when they break down in front of people, you know, that's my opinion. I mean, I may be wrong, but that's how I feel about it. I mean, because even me, I'm like a tomboy. I'm kind of like a hybrid, I guess you say female and male, except I'm straight. Like, I don't go with females
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And one more thing. I come from a religious, religious background, okay? We're really religious. I mean, my daddy's side was Catholic. Pretty much my mama's side was back with Bible beaters. You know, they were, you know, but not, um. My grandma, she got where she lost her path, and she said she wasn't going back to the church no more because they would all send us to church
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It twists and turns it on social media to believe what they want to believe. And then they go back and start a bunch of damn rumors that ain't true. And that's ungodly, you know, to spread rumors and crap that ain't true. That's something that God probably wouldn't forgive us on for, I'm sure, you know, spreading lies and stuff mean that one of the ten Commandments, thou shalt not lie, something like that