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The Pronoun Perplexity in LGBTQ-Dom

And the only way you really need to know that is if you feel like people are going to misgender you, then let them know that you don't need world war three about it. So I don't know. I can feel that somebody's going to probably lamb blast me out there or throw vegetables. And I understand it's a hot issue to people, but I think we need to calm down because there's a lot of big issues out there and this honestly isn't one of them

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If you're transgendering into a woman and haven't fully made that transgender, or even if you have, there are certain things that a male cannot change about themselves or did not. So the misidentification of you may be a little skewered. There are women and men that are born women and men out there who do have men and women like features and get misgendered as well. There's no need to blow it up out of proportion on either side
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It's just our perception of it. It's easier for me to kind of digest that there are multiple identities within a physical embodiment of the universe, such as a male quote body. And the only thing that identifies us as a male is the fact that we have a penis, right? If we didn't have a penis, well, society would automatically deem us a woman. But then it's like, well, I don't know, I kind of lost it there
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I just don't know why people would take something in and make it as important as they're making it, yet be so unwilling to have the patience or wherewithal to teach people and just expect them to know and in that case, actually accuse somebody before board. But I think this person in particular just wanted to get rid of me because I entered their friendship circle and probably just wanted me out. I don't know what it was
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It's just so crazy that really we're all just humans, though, right? And we're all still weaponizing things. And that's sad to me how we're still doing that stuff, even with stuff that supposedly matters to us. So great response. Sorry I'm late in responding because I actually thought I already did, and then I realized today that I didn't. Thank you. Bye
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You. I am appalled by the audacity that they had to fire you. Are you kidding me? I don't know the politics of a charter school, but if you can prove that and if you have record in email, in writing and voice memo, anything, it you have a case, my friend. And I don't know if maybe you're not interested in that, and I can totally understand that, but they cannot do that to you legally
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Well, then I don't get any emails and I never get any emails back anymore from my principal at all ever again, no matter what I ask or suggest. When we were buddy buddies before, right. And then just before I'm about to go vacation in summer, they're investigating me and guess who the student is? It's that student. And they're trying to twist it that I was too unusually focused on that student. Yeah