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Social Media Friend Purges: What Do You Think?

And I know when I go through my friend list and friend list and I'm just removing accounts that aren't active anymore, that it's really hard to do anything by accident in that list. I suppose if maybe you have so many that you're just going through and just really quickly, but I'm just kind of suspicious of that

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Evelyn Phipps
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We don't even know on a personal basis. And they're still not brave enough to say on Facebook someplace you'll probably never run into them in your whole entire life that they unfriended you. Just say that. Just be honest. Just say that. So anyway, I just thought it was funny because the way you said it, that it was suspicious and that you were going to be purging people as well. Oh, my gosh
Jodi Lin
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Totally get you. I think maybe they should call them just connections. I don't really have any inactive friends connections, whatever. But I do have some that I almost never hear from and that kind of bugs me. But at the same time, like if they're a neighbor or someone I've known a really long time, I don't have the heart to unfriend them
Natasha Nurse
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I'm not here for playing the games of like, well, we can still be Facebook friends. Like, no, no, thank. Rather, there's a limit on how many Facebook friends you can have. So I'd rather leave that spot for people who actually want to be in my network or space generally. But at the end of the day, you should not be triggered by things that you choose to participate in
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You are so intelligent. Emotionally intelligent. Brainiac. Intelligent. I need to swap. Whatever you got. That was brilliant. Thanks for sharing
Natasha Nurse
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@homosanity You made my day 😭😭😭 #thankyou #appreciation #love #hugs

If you've never read that book, I really highly recommend it. It's phenomenal. Phenomenal. Because after reading that book, I felt like I had a whole new awakening to life of understanding. Whoa. The agreements I'm making in life are not the agreements others are making. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. And the things that I prioritize, like peace, peace, peace, peace. I love peace. I welcome peace
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There was just this positive, all positive energy. And so even though your pay was crappy, you wanted to go the extra mile for your employers. You did. I did, and I didn't mind it at all, because everybody treated each other with kindness and acknowledged each other and helped each other out. Then a big shift happened, and some people left, and other people rotated their positions, and it changed. We had a different supervisor, and it all got negative
Natasha Nurse
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I mean, obviously it matters because life is not free, and so you have to pay your bills and you have to be able to have a roof over your head. So we choose work environments that can support or supplement the type of lifestyle we're looking to achieve for ourselves. But really, we want and we crave that work environment where we feel like it's family. Because if you think about it, you will spend more hours of your life working than you ever will with your family