Miley Cyrus "flowers" song missed out on vulnerability

Well, in that sense, When I Was Your Man makes a much humbler and more realistic assessment of heartbreak. It takes a moment to feel the pain, to mourn what could have been and to wish things have been different. In a way, singing about buying your own flowers and taking yourself dancing sounds like a toddler who prevented from touching a friend's toy. He says, hey, I didn't want to play with your toys anyway. Your toys are stupid

It’s okay to hurt, might as well admit it. #popculture #newsong #lostlove

Sreejita Karmakar
@belle · 4:30
And it's okay to take care of yourself, show yourself some self love, which again Miley was talking about and you were talking about to believe that you are enough and nobody else needs to make you feel enough because you know you are already. You were better before they were here and you will be far better when the person leaves you because you would have learned something from there, right? So the thing is, when you're broken hearted, it's not sad to cry
Riya Prasad
@highonchai · 1:48


Hi, Shijita. It's lovely to hear your take on my swell. I totally get your point that every individual has a very different way of coping with the heartbreak, and there's definitely no judgment there, whether you feel by withdrawing yourself from the world or you put up a brave face and go on with your life. I mean, either way, you're healing to each one, right?