Nicki Minaj Fans Post Location of Meg Thee Stallion’s Mother’s Grave ???!😩

And supposedly they posted the location of Nicki Minaj's mother's grave. They posted the location, gosh, it's too early in the morning. But I had to talk about this. I have a couple more swells to do. But I had to talk about this because you have these rabid fans posting the location of someone's dead relative's grave. If you don't know Meg Thee Stallion's mother passed from brain cancer. It might have been recently. And Nicki Minaj did a diss track

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Because wherever we put our attention is usually where we spend our money, period. And so all these big tech industries, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, all of them, Google, Microsoft, they're all fighting for our attention. All the news channels, they're all fighting for our attention. So if we give them our attention, we're giving them so much power, and I think we just got to be selective with where we put our attention
Erica Jean
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And so I'm glad that I was able to share pieces of information and I don't know all the deep information because like I said, I don't follow these artists, but it just goes to show that people are such rabid fans and so focused on this stuff that they actually take it too far and desecrate or promote desecrating someone's grave
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In my opinion, both women are nosediving their careers and clearing the path for new talent that creates music and lyrics of substance and with purpose. I think that Meg and Nikki are pretty much an embarrassment meant to women and not a true representation of women in hip hop or rap. It
Erica Jean
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You. Hey, Gigi, thank you so, so much for saying that. That was my whole point, really. That those of us who were fans of rap from, from the 90s, really, those of us who remember the women who rapped back then, we, and I know there were a couple of women, you know, from the late ninety s that started becoming a little more out there. But those of us who remember that it was more about that craft, the art
Blair Redmond
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It's the smoke and mirrors, whatever you want to call it. But also it highlights that there are people that really do believe that, right? Because the lyric drops and then these people go out there, whether they're bots or real people, it's creating a certain type of energy. It's bringing that energy to the surface, to the mainstream, so that it's popping up in everyone's inboxes and newsfeeds. And it's up to you to swipe past it, swipe through it
Erica Jean
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But, yeah, it's interesting that the dead mom is brought up because I think Nikki lost someone to her father, I believe so it's real interesting how people are now bringing up the dead, which is, like, so disrespectful. It's so disrespectful. This whole thing is totally disrespectful
Blair Redmond
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And I know that you're going to understand me when I say it this way, is it's like when you're in the grocery store and you see all the magazines and then, like, one catches your eye and you pick up that magazine and you just read the COVID And you don't always go inside, but you read the COVID And social media is the COVID of a magazine and it's really easy to go inside and, no, I already know I clicked on the video for the same reason you clicked on the video, only I listened
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I just want to say, blair, that was a great example. The COVID of magazines, that's spot on. Yeah, that's exactly what it's like