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Women ARE the Enemy To Self LOVE These Days: Talks of Hair & Makeup

So, yes, guys may say with their lips that they like natural women, but you have to look at who they're choosing. So, yes, I think a lot of that play into that as well. So not only do you have men showing us who they adore the most, you have women telling us that you're not to be adored unless your own hair is covered up and your face is covered up. This is a tragedy. This is a tragedy #women #womenandbeauty #socialmedia #BlackWomen

Angela Kaye
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Not only am I not going to a stylist like that, but that's a clue that you don't know Jack doo doo about hair care. Do you even have a cosmetology license? Because you should be wanting to wash my hair. Wash and deep condition and you know, all the good stuff. If I'm coming in, washing my own hair, I could come in and my hair not be clean, and you're doing unclean hair
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I had, like, a type of glow going on probably early last year before my diagnosis. And I look back at those pictures, and I'm like, wow, I don't have no makeup or anything, but there's a glow, there's a shine, and I have to get that back. I have to get that back. And I don't want to wear makeup to cover it up
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Like, in real life, they want to know, what do you look like without makeup? What do you look like when you are just fresh out of the shower, no makeup on, nothing in your hair, no street clothes on, no bras, and all that stuff making you look, you know, voluptuous and all of that. We want to know what you look like without all of that. What we'll be waking up to every morning for the rest of our lives
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You know, they know who they can use and pump and dump, but they know who they can bring home to mama. As far as the quote unquote plain women, um, I mean, it's nice that they're chosen for forever, but, um, as that medium writer had said, she don't mind being their passionate fantasy. So, yeah, I guess a guy's mind is kind of weird. I guess you're right. Their minds are. Yeah