Hey Y’all! It’s Womens History Month and So We Shall Do This…♥️

Whether a past author or someone who was a contemporary writer, it doesn't even matter. I'll start off by saying my favorite contemporary writer right now is Kenya Wright. She writes in the adult erotica category. But the reason why I mentioned her is because she makes sure that everything she does is groundbreaking when it comes to the book industry. She's the only author I know of who decides to put artwork within the pages of her novels. I have never seen that before

This month I want to focus on Wmen Authors and Women Who Made History | #WomensHistoryMonth

Isoellen Writes
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I was trying to find an artist I could enter into a partnership with that would do that with me. But a lot of artists want that money up front, and it's one of the things that frustrates me in the community in the relationship between cover art and artists and writers is writers. If we're publishing on Amazon and most other digital platforms, we do not get paid until two months after the book is out, and we do not know if the book is going to make any money
Becky Butler
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And as far as you saying the book that you had currently read, women dare containing with your favorite writer containing a novel with pictures in between the pages, I have done that since 2008 and that's why my ministry is called Visions expression because I have to see to express. I have to express to see. So it goes both ways in extension and it's just been a blessing to me. Just thank you, Erica, for during this and this was great. Thanks, Becky
Angela Kaye
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And so I have such respect for anyone who's decided to put a book out there, fiction, nonfiction, or whatever they want to talk about, because they have been my inspiration to write my books. And so I'm going to go with Kimberly Lawson Roby because she's one of the people I read most recently. And by recently, I mean like a couple of years ago. I definitely have been into the more self help genre lately. And so I got tons of those books
Erica Jean
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Hey, Ellen. Yeah. As an independent author myself, a lot goes into the writing process, and then there's a lot of money shucked out for marketing or publishing or book cover design, things like that, which is why I'm so, so grateful to canva and to creative fabrica. On Creative Fabrica, you can pay for the license for an image. That way there's no copyright issues or licensing issues or anything like that
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And also we have AI, but even that's coming under fire because even though AI uses inspiration from the web, there's artists who just, they don't want their pieces, and this is understandable. So I'm not arguing that, but they don't want their pieces to be used even for inspiration because we get into some legalities there. So the writer is left with either taking the time to learn to draw, even though it's a skill that's great when it's raw
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I don't want to say spicy, but definitely it's full of drama at times. And I didn't know she was continuing with the Curtis Black series because I know he done went through like five wives or maybe more, I don't know. But she continued on with that series and she also has other books that are more inspirational in nature to the point where I'm trying to think if she partnered with, I don't know if it was a christian author or speaker
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Hey, Anne, I also meant to say that I know exactly how you feel when it comes to reading extensively. As much as I talk about books and reviewing books, I am very, very slow to finishing a lot of books, which is very different from when I was growing up. Adulting really kills the spirit of reading. It truly does, because by time, you've used your mind for other things
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What do you do? But I decided that the one that I'll pick as my favorite just because over the course of time, I've run into her stories, I've ran into this book, and it still brings the same feeling, like, this was great. This was a really great story. And the way she intertwines them or puts them together, it's unforgettable. But I would have to go with Octavia Butler. That would be my pick for one of my favorite authors
Erica Jean
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So it is interesting that I'm a huge fan of Octavia Butler's and I never read that one, but I think I'll get up the energy to do so at some point. But she's definitely the goat. I mean, Octavia Butler, her writing, her imagination will live on forever. Just an amazing author. And of course, Toni Morrison. Don't get me started. She is just one of those literary greats
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Like I said in my other reply, like you said, too, even last night, going to a sleep study, I brought a book to read that I've been reading forever. And it's not a very long book. It's not even like a hard read. I just cannot get through this book. And whenever I do pick it up, I'm reading many pages at one time. It's getting my interest


And I keep waiting for a deal to come up for the trilogy. But you know what? I'm just thinking I should just buy each book as I can so at least I can start reading that trilogy again because I really enjoyed it. Ursula Kaye Gwynn might be on that list, too. She's not one that I've read a lot of, but the few that I have read, she's also made me think. One made me think about relationships in a different way
Erica Jean
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Hi Christina, thank you for contributing to this swell. OMG. You've listed some titles that I'm excited to try and I see n k Jemison's name often when I'm online or in the bookstore and her books look like something that I might like to read and so I'm going to see if I can look them up


Oh, before I forget. Ursula K. Le Guin. I know. Well, hello there. I know she did not write a wrinkle in time. I want to say it was Madeline. Madeline Langel, but I don't know if that name is even right, let alone if I pronounced it right. And I want to say that Gwyn was maybe popular in the. And maybe I'm going back too far, but I want to say sixty s and seventy s. I don't know
Erica Jean
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And when you mentioned about the pirate woman who's also a Muslim, I looked at the name of the author and I literally have at least two of her books here already for her other series, City of Brass and Kingdom of Copper. I believe you pronounce her name Chuckleborty. And I bought those just based off of the blurbs, so I really can't wait to dive into those as well as the title you mention here. And NK Jemison, I know I would really love her books already