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Y’all… THIS DARN Book Right Here! I Can’t Put It Down: His Muse’ by Twyla Turner♥️

Hey, y'all, I just wanted to gush real quick about this book I just started last night. It's called his muse by Twila Turner or Twila Turner. Oh, my goodness. I just. I think I see why it's a reader's favorite five stars. It has, like, a silver disc. When you click on the Kindle version, I believe it's a silver disc that has Amazon favorite or reader's choice. I've heard about this book

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So, anyway, it's good to hear you all talking about you ladies talking about getting inflammation down and everything. So I'm glad that this is on here. Let's keep talking about, let's keep sharing. Let's keep on helping each other get healthy the way God wants us to be. It is his will that we prosper and be in good health, even as our soul do prosper
Erica Jean
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And you know, there still isn't any research out on how sugar causes diabetes. It's not. It's, it's very indirect. Eating too much sugar can cause, you know, weight gain and weight gain can definitely lead to diabetes in some people. So I'm glad that you pointed that out. I totally forgot about forgot about that. And yeah, we have to keep this conversation going. Let's keep it going, continuing to share all that we know
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Hey, Erika. Good evening. Thanks for the review. Yeah, it sounds kind of interesting. Hopefully you'll come back with a full review, a more, a more full review of the book, and we'll have a better idea of, you know, how this story develops overseas. So thanks for the review, and we'll come back with a full review. Thanks. Have a good evening