Erica Jean
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Reading IS Magic, and Because It Is Magic, I Can DO These Things💕

You reading is magic. Reading is magic because through reading I can connect to another world without having to buy a ticket and taking a trip. Through reading I can inject myself into a story and see all that is happening by words alone. It reading is magic because I can become a fish, a man, a woman, a God, a goddess, a magician. I can do all these things just from sitting in one spot. Reading is magic because through reading I can build my vocabulary

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Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 2:56
You. I simply love this one. And I spend a lot of time with my books, and it's. It started off honestly, I'll be honest. I used to tell people, like, books don't hurt me. They help me. So I'm okay with being with them. I'm okay with reading them. I'm okay with being in a room filled with them. But the truth is. Well, I mean, that is part of the truth
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 1:27


I recall the days when I couldn't read and couldn't comprehend. And I am so, so thankful to my father and to reading Rainbow just for instilling that the beauty of reading and helping me to read. It's like if a person can't read, all the doors are locked to opportunity. It's just the way it is. And reading is just so powerful. It is so wonderful