The APPEAL OF the Manosphere( Or any social sphere these days)🧐

Because if it seems like that's what guys put into their music videos, if it seems like this is what guys date, then why not? Why not change who you are? If this is what guys are saying that they want, at the end of the day, you have to enjoy you. You have to like you. Like my husband and I was talking about last night, a woman full of confidence and who love herself is the most attractive thing in the world

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javon johnson
@motoblanco · 2:43
Are they a sensible person? And a lot of times it's no. Or those people are coming from, like, a niche viewpoint that 90% of society doesn't even go buy into. So why bother listening to them? You know what I mean? It's kind of like just listening to a podcast of the flat earthers. People who believe in the flat earth, well, they're entitled to their opinion. But are these people sensible? Reasonable?
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 3:48


So they have algorithms and actual people who are going, they're going through people's articles and seeing if there are clickbait titles and trash titles. Because the original purpose of the medium blog was for human stories to thrive. Poetry, essays, and, yes, political topics. But I noticed when I would write my deep articles, profound articles, I didn't get any traffic. I did get traffic one time, a significant amount of traffic, when it was on target for a certain holiday
javon johnson
@motoblanco · 1:47


Hi, Erica. Thank you for the response. Well, I guess you're referring to the medium website, which I'm familiar with. I've been there a couple of times. It's a nice website. I mean, it could very well be that you write your articles and if it's an interesting article or something has any kind of relevance to it, people are going to read it, but they may not leave any comments