Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 2:37

I FORGOT! It’s National POETRY Month 2024♥️♥️♥️

Poets need a lot of love and support because we see the different forms of poetry take off, such as rap and songs, and we see other forms of the written art take off, such as books and books being translated into movies and shows and such. But poetry definitely deserves a lot of love. So support poetry, support your poets, because it's a beautiful form of expression, it's a beautiful form of communication. It's an ancient form, but I love it

Grow Your Poetry link: https://s.swell.life/SU8yR0QTuXGBrf4 #NationalPoetryMonth #WritingPoetry #Poems

Todd Heimbecker
@noarms · 0:15
That's cool. Thanks for the link. I like listening to poetry. I'll check it out in a little bit. I'm just getting ready for supper. Again. Thanks for the link. I enjoy listening to poetry. Take care. I'm going to take that. Listen to the link later. Bye now. Bye