You Are FREE to Rant: What Is Bugging You About Your Job at the Moment?🙄

But yeah, I decided to do this because I talk about books on here, and trust me, I've read some books about work, life balance and all types of things. But I just wanted to open this space to all of you personally. I know my job is going through restructuring changes. My department is not affected, but other departments are being affected

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Tiffany Browning
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So I feel like my self worth has gone down just because I'm constantly being corrected and I never feel like I do anything right. So that is my story about why adulting sucks and hashtag I want to be done
Angela Kaye
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We have departments that are literally on the streets who walk around and catch people. Not catch people, but assist people who may be in an overdose state. So, yes, there's some life and death component to our agency, but that's not everything. And so the fact that everything becomes a 911 annoys me or bugs me. And so one such example is this
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Erica Jean
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And so rest confident in that. But again, it's kind of easier said than done when you have bosses who are in leadership who are just not good leaders. That's just what it is
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 1:35
So yeah, that's yeah. But I'm glad that you like your job at the end of the day. And like I've mentioned, as I introduced this, well, a lot of us do like our jobs or we like what we do. It's just those things that happen, those tough days. But thank you for contributing. Bye
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 3:34
Something was always down, their card reading machine down. So they hired me. And I remember and this was during a time I was 24, I didn't have much or whatever, so my lunch consisted of their twelve cent apple pies and some fries most days. So the manager was always yelling. She was really just always yelling. And I'm here as a full fledged adult, and I'm like, I'm not in this to be getting yelled at. What is she going off about?