Erica Jean
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What Book Lives Rent Free In Your Mind Till This Day?

It's. Hey, this is Erica J with Bun Bun Book Picks, and I have a question for you bookish people who are like me. What book still lives rent free in your mind? Even up until this day, we all have special books that continue to live in our minds, whether it's because of a character or just the plot, what the case may be. And for many of us, we have many books that still live rent free in our minds

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Al Cosby
@Cosbyal4165 · 2:10
Hey. Good morning, Erica. Al Cosbyal as always say, stay blessed and keep inspiring. This is definitely a great topic here. Book, book, book, book. Lives rent free mind till this day. And of course, when I was younger, I really didn't have a love or just an interest in reading like that
Susanna Hutcheson
@SensibleEnsign · 3:11
So anyway, those are the two books that come to mind that I live with every day and that are very meaningful to me. So thank you for posting the topic
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 1:42
Hey, Al, thank you for responding. And I do remember that title, The Call of the Wild. And I don't even know if I had read it back then, but I do thank you for giving me the background of that book and the other book by, Ermine Melville. I mean, books definitely have great messages in them and it's amazing where we find those messages because the book could be about a fantasy or like the one I mentioned, it could be about vampires or something
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 1:13
Hello. Hi, Susanna. As always, wonderful to hear your bookish thoughts. And what's interesting is that I had The Art of War sunzoo's the Art of War on library loan. But I'm seriously considering just buying it and just starting over reading it, because I've never finished it. I think at the time I was reading other things and doing other things, but that would definitely be a great book for me to own
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 1:00
Hello. Hi, Mark. Thank you for your thoughts, and I am just so excited that all of you are listing the books that matter to you the most or that matters at this time, because I'm going to end up building a list of the books you guys mentioned, especially the ones that you mentioned. I think you said movable parts, and the other one by the Buddhist monks. So I'm definitely going to be including those on my list