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You. Hey, y'all. I wanted to present to you some information that I found in the book called the great cosmic mother. This is a book that I mentioned before last year, but it's nearly a 600 page ebook, so I have not finished it. But what better time than now than to talk about the many contributions of women? And so I'm 9% into the book

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And the woman gained, like the cat's loyalty, so to speak. And it's interesting to hear about these types of stories with women and cats appearing throughout history. Makes me wonder sometimes. I've heard women say that it really creeps them out if a man has a cat, if he's a single and he has a cat. I don't understand why. To me, when I've met a man who has cats, there's more sensitivity there
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Hi, Christina. Thank you so much for sharing that book and some extra insight into cats and spirituality and men and women. I didn't even know about that, that there are some women who feel weird if a guy has a cat. I mean, I suspected it that there were people who thought like that. But that's interesting because a guy who has any pet shows some sensitivities. I know that my husband, I know he said he likes cat
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A-U-E-L. I'm not sure how to say it, but this somehow had been inferred, so that wasn't too surprising. The women and cats, also not too surprising, but just what an interesting take and so enjoyable. So, yeah, I wanted to say thank you for sharing that, because that inspired me to do a swell called two nuns in a sled, which is just a memory that I had about some interesting and powerful women. I love the stuff you share
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But I didn't know that women were the ones who were cultivating it and such, so that was a surprise for me. The second surprise were that the cats were being persecuted right along with the women. I. Jean, I knew about the connection between the women and cats in many ways, but for the cats to be persecuted as well was crazy