Do Celebrities Change Because Of Us?-Part 1

But I'm just curious, what causes a celebrity or an artist to really change? And I started thinking that maybe it's all of the above. Let me give an example. So if you are an artist, you start out just really humble, just focused on your craft, just allowing us to see your amazing talent. You're not worried about following the crowd, you're not worried about getting plastic surgery or anything like that. You're just here to make music that people enjoy

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Al Cosby
@Cosbyal4165 · 2:28
And that's what it comes down to, attention and validation. So interestingly, I've met a few celebrities. For the most part, the ones that I met, they were really cool and they were down to earth and laid back. It wasn't them that was acting a fool, but it was more So people that were part of their entourage, they acted like they were the main act