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THE 1 Millionth REASON Why Listening to Janky Podcasters is a NO NO🤦🏾‍♀️

He did. So this is just the 1,000,000th reason why you should be careful who you listen to. In fact, most of these guys who do podcasts, when you look at their demise, they literally lose their life the way they lived it. They tell you not to get trapped, but they end up getting trapped. They tell you, don't date women who hit the wall, but. But they end up meeting their demise by a woman who's hit the wall, so to speak

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Angela Kaye
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But my thing is, guys like this, they hate single mothers. And not only do they hate single mothers, but they see no excuse for single mothers. And so when a lot of women will say things like, well, he changed on me. We were in love, we were in a relationship, and he switched up on me. And people say, you should have known better. Well, this is an example. Now, they weren't married
Glenn Mann
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And I think it's pretty interesting because this particular, this, you know, world that these gentlemen operate in, which is kind of geared towards, you know, sort of helping men and presenting men with facts and advice, but it really just seems like people saying sort of things just to get attention. And there's a lot of negativity, I think, and there, and even though, you know, men have genuine issues and frustrations they need to share and express
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Tanya Coles
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I saw a snippet of fresh and fit where he was talking about how he likes a certain type of woman. I even made a swell cast about it, actually, a long time ago because he was talking about how he's attracted to a certain, very certain type of woman. And so they brought these women onto their podcast, and none of these women found him attractive at all
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And you brought up a really important point that it seems like they did everything that couples do. They were doing grown up things, which is why the baby is conceived. While the baby is here, he took her to meet his mother. And when you look at her text messages, you can tell that English is not her first language. So she's not familiar, probably, with how these type of dudes really act. Or maybe she didn't see the red flags
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But, but yeah, it looks like he got caught up and that woman got caught up and now there's a baby involved in all of this. So I, so I agree with you 1000%. This is at the, at the end of the day, this is attention getting because it's not helping anyone. It's not wholesome type of help, it's not positive type of help. It's. It's a demeaning, denigrating type of monkey show
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It is really interesting to me because, and that's how the story usually goes where these men, in their mind, they have the perfect fantasy type of woman, but when they get that fantasy woman, they treat her like they would treat anybody else. And like you said, I saw what he looked like and I was like, wait a minute. I'm not a vain person and I'm not the best looking person, but he show enough
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So I'm about to go look and see how many subscribers they have on YouTube, because I'm sure it's a lot. Who follows idiots like these? That's not sound advice. So at any potential moment, he could have five women pregnant. He's the pookies and the ray rays that the man in spirit talks about, because no man of value wants to spread his seed that thin, where now he might be hemmed up with four different
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But there's a baby in the mist and, yeah, that was a bomb dropped on everyone when he, you know, just kind of interjected with the, oh, man, I got four other women. And I was thinking, wait a minute. No, no, no. So I'm going to do a separate swell about a fiction novel that I read because the main character in that fiction novel, he talks about that. So I'm definitely going to post about that this morning