The WOMEN Who Dare Series By Bev Jenkins Is Off To a Titillating Start! Whew!♥️ Book 1: Rebel

She teaches adults how to read on Mondays and Wednesdays, I believe, because these are people who are recently freed from slavery and so she could teach them how to read. So the school is burnt down, so Val is just down on her luck. And here comes Drake Levec. For those who are familiar with Beverly Jenkins previous novels, she focuses on the Levec family a lot. They were pirates because most freedom were found on the seas

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You how beautifully you have explained the romantic story. And it was amazing to listen to you and very clearly and in easy words, you have explained everything. And there, there is excitement of reading that. So definitely it's amazing. It
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Hey Rakesh, thank you so much for listening to my swell and finding it amazing. I do enjoy talking about books often, so it's great to hear feedback from those who hear my swells. So thank you and you enjoy the rest of your day