Are We a Nation of Critical Thinkers or Workers?🤔

Not just math for the sciences, but everyday math. And this may seem like something so simple and common sense but I know that we're in a system that wants to produce workers versus critical thinkers. Because anytime the word critical is put before something or theory or anything like that, it scares some people because now it means we have to use our brain cells and peel back the layers of what we've been taught

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Swati Sharma
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Hi there. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful topic and this is quite a thought provoking one because I get to see a huge divide between the workers. You know, on one hand, we have those workers who are working in a very monotonous kind of workplace. They don't have much scope, they are not giving much of leverage or liberty to express their ideas over there and they have to act
Erica Jean
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I used to work those jobs and that's in customer service or to get certain product out. So that's definitely understandable. But it's great to be able to use critical thinking because you we can just find out so much more in things that we did not know and even come up with new ideas. Philosophize a little bit. So thank you so much. I agree with you 100%
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Mike W
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And unbeknownst to me, it's widely known that the American School System Foundation is built on creating factory workers, not leaders or people that are critical thinkers. And part of the reason that they say why was because if you teach everybody to be a worker from the start of a child, that you won't have the competition. And since you won't have the competition, you'll need the workers. So they started putting different things in
Mike W
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But it's not like that anymore. It's certainly not like that anymore. So how are you going to organize if you don't have the grid? How are you going to organize if you don't have the phone? Because you can't. Because it's virtually a tower of babble