(Requite) Adult Coloring—A Poem

But as I wrote the poem, or as I was writing the poem, different things began to happen and take shape as the muse took over. So that's the poem I have for you. I have not forgotten to share some haiku with you guys. I do have some haiku to share with you before the end of the month, but I will be continuing with poetry beyond this month because as part of what Souljourney is about, it's about the poet tree and the stories of the soul

https://poetizer.com/poem/525917659 #Poetry #NationalpoetryMonth

Renee Slay
@Renee_Slay · 0:47


I love this. I also am an adult coloring fanatic, among other things, any kind of creative outlet I adore. But I love that you let this grow into whatever it was going to be. I love, love, love when I'm writing poetry and it just takes its own form and I perceive within myself what it became. And it's actually, like, in my perception, kind of hot