Where Do I GET My Information Since there Is So Much Access To It?🤔

Hi, y'all. I had a great discussion with someone on medium. Basically, we were in a comment section, and he wrote an article about the world being our classroom because there's so much access to information, like loads of access to information, more so than 1520 or more years ago. Like, literally, if you want to, and I've spoken about this before on this

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Darrain …
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Know primarily how you're going to do it, know primarily how it's done, how it's been done. The best. Then only innovate, appreciate and demonstrate your ability to care about mastery with what you love to do. Anyway, much love as always, and I hope I was brief enough for you. Take care. Ciao
Gary Brown
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But anyway, I think that as long as you traverse this world of information, which is kind of like a flea market, with a little bit of skepticism, you can find good information. You're right. I think the platforms are out there. The question is, where can I learn the best? Sometimes watching a YouTube video is great. Sometimes it's not
Erica Jean
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Bruce Lee is quoted as saying, you know, he wants to practice being the best hymn that he could be and mastering that. And I think he mentioned something, too, about mastering 10,000 kicks before moving with. Moving on with different martial arts styles. But, yeah, you begin to know it so well. That's how I feel about my writing. I've studied all kinds of writing, and I still feel like I've only scratched the surface. And I've been doing this thing
Erica Jean
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That's a great analogy there, because even when it comes to medical articles, you know, way back in the day, way back in the day, you had to use, I forgot what that database was called. But there were certain databases that you went on to get reputable articles, or you would go to the library, or, you know, if the library didn't have it, you would check it out at a bookstore if you needed to know something
Darrain …
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Even if I had them all still and they got one leg and one leg must be on the ground, it's rarely I'll be able to land a true, like, spinning roundhouse kick, mid air spinning cyclone kick, rare. Why would I practice that all day? I think a front kick is fine. That's life. Anyway, as always, I enjoyed, and, you know, you're a very good conversationalist, so. Which I enjoy a lot. Take care
Erica Jean
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I loved this. All of this. I agreed with everything you said. Thank you so much for replying to my swells as well. I love these kinds of conversations. You be blessed