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50% of Married Men Are Not With the WOMEN They Want🤦🏾‍♀️

And there were some women in the comment section who said that they're plain women, good women, and now they're afraid to get married because, you know, what are the odds that she's just someone who's good, but they want someone who's better or different? And you've wasted your time as a married woman. I can say that that will be very hurtful if I were to find out that I was second best choice or just a long, long term placeholder

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javon johnson
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But then when I, you know, when I think of my conversations with, you know, some women, it seems like a lot of women have a tendency to, like, see bad signs. The bad signs are there, and they still choose to, you know, get married to this person or go into long term relationships when
Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:54
I'm never gonna be second. Never. So I feel bad for that woman because here she is, um, married to this man, and he's like, you're a placeholder. You know what? He'd had to text me that. He had to text me because it had been some furniture movement. I'm not an advocate for violence, but I'm just saying, saying. I'm just saying because. Excuse me. Excuse me. Look, never. This is crazy
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But this particular family member didn't, and down to divorce court they go. So you're absolutely right, though. That is not gender specific. I think in this world today, we try to make things gender specific to making a war of some sorts. And I don't want to do that. I do want to highlight what's happening in social media. But at the same time, I like how you responded because it was well balanced and it made sense
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And Javon, the one who replied before you, he brought another perspective to this, that women do this as well, knowing full well that the guy is a jerk and he's not someone to marry, and then they still marry him. So, yeah, I really enjoyed listening to your response, Evelyn, and you have a good day
Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 4:20
They're marrying each other because their families believe that this is the best option for the strength of both families is for them to marry and to continue those family legacies. But love can grow after the fact. I mean, you can marry somebody you don't love, and love can grow and develop in time. And I think with arranged marriages, that is what a lot of these situations are banking on, is that we don't love each other today
Erica Jean
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I mean, this makes for great stories that's out there. One of the most popular genres that's out there right now are titles like married to a billionaire or arranged marriage with a millionaire type type of story stories. But it's because it is possible for love to develop at some point. But like you said, these are marriages that are arranged out of duty to the parent. So there you have that. But thank you so much for your perspective, Tanya