Dr. Julie Shaw
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What do you want people to know about your person that died?

So this is also actually a great tip that if you are supporting somebody who's grieving, that you can ask them. It's a really great question to ask and to give them that space and to let them know that you are a safe space for them. So this is my really quick question of the day for my Swell cast. And again, my name is Dr. Julie Shaw

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Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 1:40
Even upon her death, the daughter that she left behind will I would like to think she'll never have to worry about money again if she manages it correctly. But, yes, her mother left her with a nice sum of money. And if you're going to go, the one thing you want for your children is that they're going to be cared for and protected, and my sister made sure of that. So it's probably more than one thing
Dr. Julie Shaw
@helloimgrieving · 1:53


Thank you so much for sharing that. All I hear is how much she cared. And she cared about her life. She cared about others. She cared about her daughter. Money is actually something that a lot of people don't talk about. And so kudos to her and kudos to you for sharing that, that so many people, they also have shame or guilt or for some reason, especially in US society, we don't talk about money. And this is important