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Will you watch The Golden Bachelor?

Does this count as breaking news? I guess it's pop culture news. The first golden bachelor has been announced. The bachelor has decided to make a new series called the golden bachelor, where people 65 years and up that are looking for love can sign up and give out roses just like the original series. Your first golden bachelor is 71 year old Gary turner. He lives in IBA, and he's looking for love six years after his high school sweetheart has passed

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Travis W
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Nope. That is all
Taylor J
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But this one I don't want to say piqued my interest because I'm still not going to watch it, but just the fact that when I was reading about this guy, he's 71, he was married. I think they said he was married for 48 years. That is a long time. And I don't know that anybody after 48 years of marriage is necessary. People will say that they're ready to get remarried. I don't know necessarily that is true
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Travis W
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It exactly. That is exactly what I was thinking as well. Man. 48 years of marriage is a long time. So you're telling me after 48 years of marriage, you're going to be finishing a marriage and then jump right back into a marriage? No. Any same person would not do that. And that's why I feel like these reality shows are just scripted horribly, because no rational person would do that, so taylor, you are awesome. And it's true