Heidi H
@heidi · 2:04

Celebrating Disney 100 🐭❤️ Share your Fav Disney Memory! #TellYourStory

I know it's not everyone's top pick, and having rewatched it recently, I can understand why, but it's been my favorite since I was a child. I love the special bond between Todd and Copper and how, despite their differences, they still love one another. Disney movies have a unique way of teaching us important life lessons through storytelling. There are so many Disney movies that I enjoyed with my entire family

100 years of Wonder #disney #disney100 #askswell #movies #disneyland

Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:13
Hey, Heidi, I loved listening to your swell. I think, like you, I'm a huge Disney person, mainly because I also grew up going to the theme parks a lot. So I just have a lot of really fond memories of being there with my friends and family. And of course, I love the Disney movies, but I do think that I'm more of a theme park Disney person than I am a Disney IP person them