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Positive Outcomes of Social Media for Tweens and Teens

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And I think this can often get misconstrued because the immediate response is, but what about the predators? What about the bad people online? And I understand that, but what about the good? What about what could be? So I've spoken several times about how we can curate for Positivity. We can go through our feeds and follow or unfollow people who are not adding value. So really, social media does enable Tweens and teens to connect with their peers who share similar interests and experiences


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Never give them a one opinion route to having a conversation. We need to help them develop the skills to make these informed choices. We want them to engage responsibly, but we want to keep them open and talking and coming to us. What do you think about this? Or getting help? Or I saw this. How do I respond to this? So basically, in conclusion to this mini podcast here, I do believe that social media can bring about positive outcomes
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