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Empowering Digital Citizens: Navigating Social Media, Consent and Digital Wellness

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Whether we like to believe it or not, they're beginning to develop and put into practice digital media literacy skills, and they're gaining this sense of independence and taking this Utah law, one of the provisions would grant parents access to everything their children say or hear on social media? And that just makes me think, do we really need to hear, say, and see every single thing that they're doing?

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When it comes to these bills, very little input is being taken, there's no conversations around it. And that really bothers me because it does take away this agency, this voice that we're trying to raise our Tweens and teens to have, yet we stifle it and take it away at the same time. So, moving beyond Utah's bills, I just wanted to talk quickly, and I've done this a lot, but the positive aspects of social media, they're not solely negative spaces
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