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Shaconna G
@HEALthySELF · 4:22

Family traditions

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Like, I love to bake and I love especially around the holidays, I love doing those things, but I love to do it because it brings joy to other people. And I couldn't find it at my friends today, and I was like, oh, I got to go bake. I really don't like bacon. And she said what? I said, no, I really don't enjoy baking. And she could believe it

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Jack .
@zejacques · 2:44


But yeah, it's cool how this whole baking thing and cooking and culinary skills is passing onto your son. I think that's really cool. It's really cute, really. But I hear you doing the baking more, but due to the joy it brings others rather than just you doing it. And also I hear you just getting in the kitchen and doing it, it's a chore. Sometimes the idea of doing it majority brings others is nice, but actually doing it isn't super fun
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