Arish Ali
@arish · 1:00

How is the current COVID situation in your part of the world?

Hello, everyone as we enter April 2021 here in the United States, even though we have been leading the world in cases and deaths, there is now a sense of optimism since we are also now leading in Vaccinations and we have so far been spared of fourth ways things can still go wrong and everyone is being encouraged to stay safe and follow masking and social distancing and other best health practices out here in California. I just heard Governor Gavin Newsom cautiously speaking about things looking close to normal by mid June

As we enter April 2021, are things improving or getting worse in your country? When does it look life will return to normal for you?

Dwarak Varadarajan
@Dwarak_V · 1:52

Stay safe and stay healthy

Hello sir. Hope you all are doing good and staying safe. So I'm from Port in India, it's quiet or in here. Most of the people getting their vaccine in most of the government organizations or some kind of private organizations and most of them would like to get Indian made shield and COVID kind of vaccines in here. So most of the people to them they are mostly preferring Covaxin instead of coveted