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Covid cases rise again! Are we prepared for another wave?

Covert cases are on the rise across India. In just the last 24 hours alone, there have been over 160 fresh cases of COVID that have been registered across the country. And I think the death rate it has also gone up with 24 debts being registered in a single day. Now there are many containment zones that are coming up across different metros in India, but what's also concerning is that a lot of people haven't gone out there and got in their booster shots


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But then if there is at all, I think the government is prepared, there can be a two day shutdown and registrating vaccination drives can start again. Because many people didn't get their doses thinking that what is the use if you will still get COVID? But then something is better than nothing. I would like to say again, that's about it. Thank you for putting this podcast out. Bye
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Amoljeet Singh
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Hey, Karan. Hope you're doing great. So, yes, the COVID is coming back, but I don't think so. Like the problematic, like the problems you faced in the Wave two are going to repeat as because most of us are vaccinated. And now it's just the common cold. Also, the government as a call is going soon. I'd suggest the government to keep the exams online. This is what the student thinks, but I don't think so