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Harshini Priyaa
@harshi_talkz · 1:22

The Dazzling Beauty Of Butterflies - POEM

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Good, marvel, swell casters. I'm Hashanipriya, and I'm back again with another intriguing poem from my collection. So this is in a Theme of nature. And that do. We all are surely fascinated by the dazzling beauty of butterflies. Alright then, let's get into the poem. O little butterfly with cozy wings of blue that flutters in the summer air, so light and free and true its wings are like a rainbow's sheen, with tins of crimson gold and blue

#poem #nature #poetry #butterflies #beauty #collegevoiceindia #swellcast #poetsofswell

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tarun sharma
@Nothattypicalhr · 0:40
Hi, Harshini. Hope you're doing well. I recently was just walking up your profile and I feel really great. Like, as you mentioned, you're just 14 and you are so good with presenting yourself, so good with words, so good with your thought process. I really wish that you grow with this. And I would love to listen more from you. I would love to even. I have much more knowledge gained from you
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