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Will there be a formidable opposition in 2024

We thought that there is a mood shift amongst the people, but it just couldn't come into words. Actually, that's one of the things. So although these two States have not been talked a lot about because the main focus on mainly was on UPI and a bit was on Punjab. So these two States went unnoticed. But I want to talk about the way BJP handles this election nowadays. They are not willing to give any easy bits to the opposition when it comes to elections

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Karan Dev
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Plus, if these allies come together and they actually have a common program, a minimum program that they agree on, I think you'll see a very interesting election coming along. So, yeah, I agree with you. I think up and go out were Shockers because you did expect a decent performance. But you do also have the AMI party that's coming up. So I think the opposition space is going to get increasingly interesting, and it usually does, especially in the run up to most elections