Emma Fawn
@Gooseygoose · 3:24

A Talk About Growing Up and Leaving an Impact on The World

For me, it's definitely writing other people, it's drawing other people, it's speeches other people, it's educating themselves, so when difficult conversations come up, they're able to talk about them. At the end of the day, we all find our own ways of understanding the world around us and making sense of it and our place in it. And I think everyone needs to find that. So there wasn't really a point to this speech

Here I talk about the struggle of finding meaning in our lifes and how to make sense of our pain #speech #talk #thoughts #thoughtdump #impact #meaning



How could it be changed, this particular system and how it interacts with these other systems and so on. And I've sort of been stumped in that area. A longer story, unnecessary to relay here, but I'm feeling the feelings that you've sort of conveyed in this and all of this to say I just wanted you're not alone
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