Amy Infante
@gitgoleague · 3:41

Service to others vs service to self: belief & passion or problem solving

But they also have to be open and honest because this is again service service to others vs. Service to sell first, they have to be able to dive in and recognize the problem and be honest when the products or services that they're selling are not the right fit and be able to walk away and not try to force something. And that is sometimes when we're under pressure to meet numbers that can be one of the biggest challenges for your sales organization

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phil spade
@Phil · 3:39

Be the first person called!

Hey, Amy, you know, so much of this really rings true. I've spent most of my career in client services and or sales. And for me, I always needed to be passionate about what I sold, but it was more about a passion of problems, them solving a problem or helping an organization. And the reason that I always thought that was important is that as a salesperson, your reputation is really your brand. You're not a coder, you're not a CPA