Rohit Sharma is going to be the new ODI captain before the South Africa Series for India. Great win for Sharma, and his fans feel really bad for Virat Koli. Despite what he has been putting all these years, I can think there is a positive side to this. I believe that Cody will be able to play his best without the pressure of being a captain. What do you guys think? Let me know

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Paul OMahony
@omaniblog · 1:29
It is a good time for veraikoli to give somebody else an opportunity Sharma to be the captain and to see how he'll get on as captain. Vares is the cricketer in the world that I most admire. I saw an interview with him recently in which his whole approach, not just to cricket, but to people, impressed me so much that I thought, wow, of all the sports people in the world, he's the one I'd most like to come to dinner
Smita Dodamani
@Smita1999 · 0:21

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Hey, man, heart is totally broken from when Vidat has stepped down from captaincy. I guess we never saw any other fellow deserving as Virat cooler to be a captain. I hope so. Roy Sherman does his job better, but for us, there will be always one captain, and he will be always a King. Cole
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Paul OMahony
@omaniblog · 2:08
I don't know all the things that he's done, but he has set high standards, very high standards, which is what you want your team captain to do, I think, and certainly what the Indian public have wanted. Now, of course, India is the center of work, and cricket
Rehan Shah
@ririshah · 1:46
And I'm a little late in replying to this, but I just saw that there was like a cricket swell cast. So I had to reply to that. So my whole view on it would be I don't necessarily agree with the whole everybody saying it's great, going to be great for our Coolie. Because his ODI purely is talking about the ODI format. T 20 format makes total sense. He did it himself
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