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Book reading 🤍

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And the whole notion of the book is about teaching how to be in the present moment and get free from the shackles of past and future and towards the path of enlightenment which is real enlightenment. So when I was reading I got something. Let me read it out for you guys, then we can discuss about it, okay? It says love, joy and peace are deep states of being. This is because they arise from beyond the mind

#bookreading #powerofnow #spirituality #enlightment

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Sagar Bhosale
@sagarbhosale · 4:07

@gaurangikaushik @Shilpi-Bhalla @Roma_Dessai @challasrigouri @nayanthara

Welcome back, Gaurangi. It's been a few days that you were unavailable and it was lovely listening to your voice. Now, the swell that you have applied loaded covers a book which is a holistic approach towards life. And yes, it is true in pointing out a few things, let me just give a scientific certification to the thinking that is promoted in the book
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shilpee bhalla
@Shilpi-Bhalla · 0:31
Hello, Gurangi
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