My adrenal glands no longer produce those hormones. And so there's this equivalency with Adrenal insufficiency and Adrenal fatigue. And in reality, there's no equivalency. There's a false equivalency between Adrenal fatigue and Adrenal insufficiency. And as someone that is evidence based, that advocates for science, that advocates for people supporting the claims that they make, especially in the holistic health world

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So the thing is that when people get, quote unquote, diagnosed with Adrenal insufficiency, what I believe they really have is just simply burnout. Adrenal fatigue might be a fancy way of saying burnout, and it might be a fancy way of pathologizing burnout, so to speak. But as I was saying in the first part of this, our adrenal glands themselves cannot actually become fatigued physiologically. So it's really disingenuous to say that anyone has Adrenal fatigue
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Marley Musarra
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Yeah, and I actually just started seeing a new chiropractor that kind of brought up, like, ligament laxity, and that being due to, like, adrenal issues. He doesn't call it adrenal fatigue, but basically, like, overworked adrenals or underactive, I guess, is what he more refers to it as. A lot of times we'll kind of just, like, wiggle where my adrenal gland would be and try to shake it up and get it more activated
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