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Humane Humans In Their Humanity

Do you exist? Do I exist? What makes us so sure that we exist in reality, or even that reality is something we experience? Renee Descartes uttered one of the most important philosophical quotes, to which it goes, I think, therefore I am. Is it that simple? We have lived a full life, full of experiences that I'm sure are unique to you and can entertain many or a few. But is that alone evidentiary proof of your existence?

Do we have a say with what’s Real and What’s Not? #Descartes

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I was listening to MKBHD just before your question.

I guess I could educate it to be as stupid as me, but typically an AI makes stuff better, the arts better, the writing is better, everything else looks like multiple multiple revisions of core ideas. Anyway, interesting idea as always. I'm here motoring around Ireland where it's between minus five and plus four, which is probably summertime weather for you. Thanks for sharing, Dewuan. Bye for now. Bye
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If you built an AI to which you could not tell if it was human or not, as opposed to an AI that could tell you, what's, ten to the hundredth power just like that. Because we have that right. We we have that. We can Google that. We have computer sophistication for that level of quote unquote, intelligence. But I think emotional intelligence is what we are scared of the most with AI, a sentient being that can understand emotions better than us, that's scary
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If we did find out that all this is faith, all this time we are not living in reality, how will humans respond? Would we even want to continue living on or would we still follow laws that are put in place that are put into place, that are put in place in our society where we just give up and say, screw this. Everything is fake. These laws are fake. Why do I have to follow these laws? Why do I have to take care of my family?
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Do you think you can fool the script of life when you've read pages ahead? This is what his great science fiction films and stories are made of, right? Devs is another show that brilliantly displays what happens when one has the information to impact their free will with determinism. For once, determinism rears its ugly head. Is it really free will after all? What do we think makes us free? We often look at those in subjugation, right? We look at those with limited choice, right?