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An argument against "Purpose."

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"…Where was that idea thought up that you had to work, that you had to work to make a means? And a part of that goes to government, and a part of it goes to the corporation. And the corporation gets the CEO gets paid, and then you kind of get the leftover residue of it is that the purpose is for us to work and work and work.…"

Does life begin or end when you find "Purpose?"


"…I've always been bothered by the idea of purpose as well, for a few reasons. The first is it seems like it's a destination, you know, instead of the journey. And even the concept of a journey I don't like because it implies a beginning point, an end point, instead of an embracing of every single moment of our existence. It doesn't matter where, quote unquote, on the journey it is but an embracing of every moment.…"


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"…But when you start to get into the dating world and things of that nature, you become defined by these labels, ones that aren't really of your own making, but more it's an evaluation of your value. And I could struggle with that. I feel like I am more than my job occupation, me not driving a vehicle, me having five kids. But that's what most will see.…"

@SeekingPlumb existing in the world often isn’t enough. Lol

"…Even if you're a vegan or if you eat meat. If you're a part of the LGBTQI plus community. Like all of these different ideas. Why can't we just see the other person? But I completely agree with you.…"


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"…So once you hear of their occupation, you immediately feel there's everything you need to know about this person. And that's, of course, where the danger can lie. Because maybe it would seem logical that a person who has a great occupation is a great person. Society treats them as such to some degree, but they still are capable of doing bad things.…"

@SeekingPlumb 🙏

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"…They care about the respect of what you do. For example, law enforcement, a lot of people don't like law enforcement, but they respect it. And I think people seek for respect. If you're on your purpose, then that's like, man, that's all the respect I need. Right? I hear this a lot from these social media influencers about being on your purpose. If you're on your purpose, people will respect you. Man and woman will respect you.…"

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"…Jay Z and Beyonce still has problems. Kanye west still has issues. Elon Musk has issues. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos. Shall I go on? Their life isn't perfect. I mean, sure, they're not struggling in the sense of nourishment of food, but they still can be susceptible to cancer, diabetes, etc.…"

@OmegaStrange we have to redefine "Purpose."


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