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Do you know when you’re liked/loved?

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"…I was telling my friend, one of my best friends about it and my friend was like I don't know if she likes you. I was like what are you talking about? Of course she does. We flirt all the time. This is in the bag, this is easy. And sure enough, no, she did not see me that way at all. And the other lady, I don't know. She just wasn't into me.…"

I have the worst *Liked-Radar ever.


"…If you're talking in the romantic sense, I'm pretty oblivious. I've had my behavior that I thought I was just being friendly interpreted as something else, which was unnerving when I had no idea that that's how how it was being received or when they're deliberately trying to get my attention and swell. Say they opened the door for me and I walk out a different door. Done that. Someone usually had to tell me hey, so and so is interested in you.…"


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"…When I was younger, it was kind of easy to tell when someone liked me. And for the record, for what it's worth, on dating apps, there are women that tell me they like me and tell me what physical attributes about me they enjoy and my personality and all that sort of stuff. But it's something about me not knowing if I am liked that's more alluring, alluring, sorry. Than when it's confirmed that someone likes me.…"

@SeekingPlumb smiling while in the dark of social cues.

"…It's like, I think I would rather be in that state of not knowing. But then I started thinking if somebody were to ask me whether they liked me. Then I would kind of resent being put in a position where I have to figure out how to word it and tell them because you have no way of knowing what kind of emotional responses you might experience from them or verbally if they decide there's so many unknowns and it's what's the safest. Physically. Emotionally.…"


Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 1mo ago · 3:55

"…My brother, he's an extrovert, and if he got game, I've seen him pick up women easily, and I've seen him fail a lot of times. But still, he's not afraid. He's not overthinking. I'll say my brother is a bit strategic. He'd be trying to put me on game, and I'd be listening. And sometimes you get into an argument, right? Because you always tell me, man, you got to have game to market.…"

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"…But yeah, as far as platonic is concerned, I think as men, what we need to do more is we need to let it be known if we have interest. Because if we're too quiet about it, a woman may assume that we just want to be platonic. So the faster we do that, the easier it can be interpreted as to what their feelings are for us.…"

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"…Well, this is a good question. So I don't really think about anything like that. But I do think about to do they like my question? As far as the person?…"

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"…But the only issue that arises from me with that is I expect every time someone likes my content that they would say so. And when they don't say so, I guess it hits a little hard. It hits hard sometimes not hard, but it's noticeable. So let's say, for instance, Demarkis, you don't have to tell me you like me or love me every time, right? Because it's through youre actions, right? It's through the actions that I see that.…"

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"…Hey, man, I had no idea. Turned out that bad. I didn't even play it back, so I must have been at work when I recorded that. So yeah, I apologize ma'am had to put you through all that, bro, but I appreciate that you were able to decipher my answer. Peace out. Hey, bro, man, I'm sorry about that, man. I had no idea that you had to turn up the value, man, to the max, bro.…"


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"…The mic got clogged up, and it was so bad that you could barely hear me, man, those are my struggling days. That was like the early anchor days. Glad I'm not going through that anymore. The new iPhones, that never happens anymore. Like, even the speaker grill, my old speaker grill used to clog up so it wouldn't be as loud. But those days are far behind me now. But anyway, man, thanks for touching in base. Keep doing your thing.…"

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